While I wait for Unity to re-review my Glyph 3D editor extension, I might as well look into something else I need. When I play around with Illustrator, and actually produce something that looks good, I often have the need to import it into Unity – as a 3D mesh.

So currently I’m working on an SVG importer. I know there are a few on the asset store but they are far from cheap, and I only need a subset of what they offer.

My current requirement is a simple path, outline of something produced in illustrator. I need it as a mesh, and not a 2D texture as a lot of the other tools convert the SVG drawing into.

I expect it to take about a week (after normal work hours) to implement the first version. If it works out okay, I’ll add it to the asset store for others to enjoy. The price will be pretty low – I promise 🙂