Glyph 3D

Download it here!

Glyph 3D is a Unity 3D editor extension.

It allows you to directly import TTF (True Type) fonts into Unity3d as meshes. Here you can freely add materials or what ever you like – it’s meshes – do what you like with them 🙂

We all know that seeing is believing – so here is a small “promo” video of the plugin in action.

When you are done watching the video, we recommend you have a look at the documentation, which will highlight a few caveats regarding the fonts that can be used.


One of the things you can do, that was also showcased in the above video, is to omit some of the font faces. Below all 3 face are calculated and rendered.

All faces rendered

This is the same image, albeit with a different material, but here the front font face is the only face that is rendered, saving you about 66% of the polygons and points. This can be used, when you are sure that only the front face will be visible – or in a 2D game/app.

Only front face

Next up is detail level, or bezier steps as I call it. Here the resolution is set at 1. Notice all the jagged lines – it does not look good, but it’s low on polygons.

Low quality

This is the same text as above, but with the bezier stepts set to 10. Notice the smooth round corners – and the high polygon count.

High quality

This image illustrates the different bezier steps settings.

Bezier steps

I urge you to purchase the Editor Extension if you are tired of exporting/importing fonts from Blender or the like. This really IS a timesaver!


Drop us a line if you like what you see – and can use it 🙂