Polygon Counter

We just released a new asset on the Unity 3D Asset Store. However, it still needs to be reviewed before it available for download. This usually takes between 5-14 working days. When approved, you can find it here: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/131235

Glyph 3D v1.3.0.0

It’s time for a new release of Glyph 3D, version This release will contain a single bug fix and a new feature. The bug concerns diacritical marks not being rendered correctly….

Glyph 3D and Unity 5.5.1f1

Currently Glyph 3D is NOT supported under Unity 5.5.1f1 due to API changes. However, we are working on a fix. In the mean time, a workaround is to select No when Unity want to upgrade your scripts (from Glyph 3D). Saying “Go ahead” will trash the Glyph 3D DLL file.   We expect the problem to be resolved…

Glyph 3D version 1.2

Glyph 3D version 1.2 will be released to the Unity assetstore shortly. It just needs a few more tests. It’s mostly bugfixes….


We are of to a well earned vacation until the 7th of August, and can not provide support in that period. Have a great summer 🙂

Upcoming update to Glyph 3d

We have a small update coming soon. The update will contain the following fixes – for now. Compact the UI to better work on screens with a smaller resolution Using one texture/material for the entire letter, front, back and border – instruction will be included. Left, Center and Right justify the text This will be a…

Glyph3D Giveaway!

I have a few sales on the Unity Assetstore, but no one has left a review yet. Reviews always help sales, so in order to kickstart it a bit, I’m giving away one free copy, via the Asset Store to a developer who is willing to give the asset a fair review….

Glyph 3D update #1

Just a small heads up – I will be posting a small update with a few bug fixes to the Unity Asset Store within the week. Unity will then use somewhere between 5-10 days approving the update.

SVG and Unity

While I wait for Unity to re-review my Glyph 3D editor extension, I might as well look into something else I need. When I play around with Illustrator, and actually produce something that looks good, I often have the need to import it into Unity – as a 3D mesh….

Glyph 3D

Updated with Unity Asset Store URL -> Get it here! Glyph 3D is our first Unity Editor Extension. This extension is designed to make life just a tiny bit easier for publishers and other Unity users to include TTF (True Type Fonts) into their Unity projects.   The extension will load just about any TTF file…