It’s time for a new release of Glyph 3D, version This release will contain a single bug fix and a new feature.

The bug concerns diacritical marks not being rendered correctly.

Letters like Î contains a diacritical mark above the ‘I‘.  This was being rendered incorrectly for all characters using diacritical marks as a compound glyph. Compound glyphs are used by fonts to save space and reduce overhead by drawing the same mark several times. Here the specs allow you to put together 2 glyphs to form a new glyph, saving some (in the old days) critical bytes.

A new feature is the use of scriptable objects in Unity 3D for storing the configuration. This will allow you to store the settings used to generate a specific text, or set of texts, so you can bring them back later on. I suggest you read the new documentation when it comes online to read more about it.